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 KU> btw: I thought about faq for the list.. What do you think    
 KU> about these paragraphs:

  0.      Warnings about the hazard nature of the devices
  1.      Tesla himself
  1.1      personal background
  1.2      general inventions
  1.3      what he means to us
  2.      Tesla-coil, types: 
  2.1      1/4 wave
  2.2      bipolar
  2.3      tesla magnifier 
  2.4      other configs
  3.      individuals components
  3.1      primary system
  3.1.1     primary coil
  3.1.2     capasitor
  3.1.3     spark-gap
  3.1.4     protective components
  3.1.5     wiring
  3.2      secondary 
  3.2.1     secondary coil
  3.2.2     capasitive hat
  3.2.2     ground connection
  3.3      tertiary coil
  3.4      control circuitry
  3.5      test-equipment (pick-up coils etc.)
  4. possible primary circuit configs, connections
  5. tuning the system
  6. experiments to make
  7. sources for more information
 KU> All of the paragraphs would contain just the basic           
 KU> information and references to (preferably) on-line sources   
 KU> or literature. Most of the texts are already in existance in 
 KU> your postings, I could gather a draft version of the faq if  
 KU> you like the index above.. I do think that the index must be 
 KU> worked out first and after that it'll be easy to add the raw 
 KU> information. 

I agree. The FAQ on this subject really needs to draw the
questioner into the material. Go ahead and gather a draft
version. If there are holes that need to be filled now, let me
know the intended length, format, etc. and I will be happy to
provide text to fill in the gaps. 

We can plug in the raw information in the coming months. It looks
like I am going to write a book too, so the drawings and
techincal details can serve both purposes.

Richard Quick

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