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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Well, I am finally admitting that I have outgrown the        
 ES> basement.  I am planning to move everything out to the       
 ES> garage.  

Yeah well, things could be worse. My garage will have the same
ceiling height as the basement. At least your ventilation will

 ES> I will build a cart with wheels to mount the coil on with a  
 ES> shelf underneath for the capacitor and spark gaps.  

I like my rolling Tesla workstation.

 ES> I really don't have enough room in the garage either - I     
 ES> will have to wheel it outside on the driveway to run
 ES> it.  This means a new collection of ground rods, new power   
 ES> wiring, etc. At least I will be able to open it all the way  
 ES> up without worrying about hitting anything.  

I also have to run outdoors for anything larger than a four inch
diameter secondary.

 ES> Won't be running much in the winter however.

Just huddle up next to the resistive ballast.

Richard Quick

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