Toriod Sizing

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ES> My secondary is built on a 6.0" dia pvc pipe - probably      
ES> 6.25" od.  It is covered with 5 - 6 coats of polyurethane.   

ES> Toroid is 40" in dia and 5 or 6" thick.    
RQ> I can help a bit here as I assisted with some design details
RQ> during the step by step peaking of the system. 

Hello Ed and Richard and everyone else. 

I have a question about this large toroid being used. Is it made out of 
something like stovepipe flue or something else? And how do you support this 
thing? It sounds bulky. Does the secondary form end an inch or so above the 
windings? Or does the secondary form extend 10 or 12 inches higher than the 
winding with maybe a flat piece of plexiglass for the toroid to sit on? I 
would guess the latter, since I have never seen anything like this. Well, for 
that matter, the only Tesla coil I have ever seen is mine. And a few very old 

Is there a picture of one of these at the Finland ftp site? I was in a hurry 
the other morning when I looked at the file listings there, and well, some of 
the file extensions had me confused. I didn't want to grab something for unix 
and not be able to use it.

After joining this mailing list, I have begun to realize just how puny my 
little bi-polar coil really is. I'm itching to build a bigger coil and stand 
it upright this time instead of laying on its side. 


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