Re: Tesla Group Archives

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995 08:30:04 +0700 you wrote:

>It would be absolutely fantastic if someone could publish a CDROM 
>All of Tesla's patents (with diags.)
>The text (& pics) of every major book & paper about Tesla (given they could 
>be licensed)
>All of the public domain computer files (including every message ever 
>published on the tesla-at-objinc & usa-tesla-at-usa-dot-net lists)
>*And* detailed crossreferences between all of the above.
>I already have an extensive database of biographical and patent information. 
> If I had the time and money, believe me I would do it!!!  I have edited 2 
>books, unrelated to Tesla.
>What do people think!
>Glenn Baddeley
>Vice President, Australian Nikola Tesla Society (ANTS)

That sounds great.  How feasible is it?  Do you have to get permission
from all the various publishers?

Mark R. Napier