Re: Tesla Group Archives

Richard Quick wrote:

> I found the best way to design was to experiment. I would
> set up my workstation and fabricate primary coils from lengths of
> old wire. By changing the coil type, spacing, angle of
> inclination, etc., I was able to determine EXACTLY the type,
> size, shape, number of turns, etc., worked best with any given
> secondary design. I was able to do this at various power levels,
> with various secondary types (space wound, close wound, insulated
> wire wound). I charted my data, then compared my charts to the
> computer simulations. Finally I abandoned the computer and relied
> on the charts. I guess it was not long before I memorized and
> interpolated the chart data, next thing I knew I was designing
> freehand with no references or aids at all...


It sounds like these charts you refer too would be excellent material to include
in any book you might write. The fact that they have been obtained by experiment
would make them invaluable to anyone starting on a new coil, or modifying an
old one.

Phil Mason