Re: Tesla Group Archives

Quoting Glenn Baddeley:

 GB> It would be absolutely fantastic if someone could publish a  
 GB> CDROM containing:

 GB> All of Tesla's patents (with diags.)
 GB> The text (& pics) of every major book & paper about Tesla    
 GB> (given they could be licensed).  All of the public domain    
 GB> computer files (including every message ever published on    
 GB> the tesla-at-objinc & usa-tesla-at-usa-dot-net lists) *And* detailed   
 GB> crossreferences between all of the above.

Wow! That would be a ROM full. 

The U.S. Patents are currently in print by Barnes and Noble for a
very reasonable $15.00 (U.S. currency). The edition is edited by
Jim Glenn, contains all 112 U.S. patents, and is a hefty 535
pages long... The book is nearly oversized.

A lot of other Tesla material that was out of print a few years
ago has been snapped up for pennies and is back in print. Barnes
and Noble picked up the license for THE INVENTIONS RESEARCHES AND
WRITINGS OF NIKOLA TESLA, and it is back in print in a hardcover

Still other material, such as: NIKOLA TESLA: LECTURE BEFORE THE
NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - APRIL 6, 1897, just made it into
print for the first time last year. 

My guess is that the licenses for this material now would command
a premium. 

Richard Quick
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