Re: Tesla Group Archives

Brian wrote on tesla mailing-list Tue Aug  8 13:12 MDT 1995:
>      TO Richard Quick and fellow book supporters:
>      Have you thought about publishing your book on disk or CD-ROM? I 
> most of the group has computers, and it might lower your startup 
> costs. With a CD you could include your writings from your word processor,
> and also make references to VIDEO and other multi-media gismos. What do
> you think? All replies welcome:

It would be absolutely fantastic if someone could publish a CDROM 

All of Tesla's patents (with diags.)
The text (& pics) of every major book & paper about Tesla (given they could 
be licensed)
All of the public domain computer files (including every message ever 
published on the tesla-at-objinc & usa-tesla-at-usa-dot-net lists)
*And* detailed crossreferences between all of the above.

I already have an extensive database of biographical and patent information. 
 If I had the time and money, believe me I would do it!!!  I have edited 2 
books, unrelated to Tesla.

What do people think!

Glenn Baddeley
Vice President, Australian Nikola Tesla Society (ANTS)