Re: Tesla coils & artistic glass

> Oh, yes, please do! We would be very happy to read it. If you don't post it
> publically, please post it to me privately. I would enjoy it very much. Maybe,
> I could even help you with your research. We have lots of good libraries, here
> in Massachusetts..
      I must say Dean, this is the most encouraging thing I have heard 
in years. To think another fellow would be interested and understand and
encourage me in a special interest of mine, that I have always thought
to be either too way out, or out of touch with my realitys!

      I have nothing here of promise, except hope and memory of what as
a young man, I read and was inspired of in Tesla.

      Also presently I have a email problem here, that has to be 
resolved before I can adequately communicate with anyone consistently.

      For a fast start, I just would offer the idea of a transmitter 
and a receiver, for transmission of intellegence or energy. Presently
my notion of the transmission of energy from one point to another has
to involve 1st the transmitter or source, the medium (space or wire),
and the receiver or load.
      In the case of megapower transmission to a specific load, the state
of the art to date is using wire for the medium. The limits of power trans
fer is basically limited to very low line losses, or resistance limitations
of the conductor sizes involved. For transmission in space, it seems that
the radiation resistance is mega quantities higher, and the power is not
distributed directly to the source, but is regulated by free space 
distribution. However crude and primative my description, it is a fact that
power distribution in space is 1 millionth as effective in space as using
wire to a specific point.
     Radiation resistance in free space for whatever science is involved and
magnetic field distribution if free space for whatver science is 
involved, is the two major factors of overcoming the transmisssion of energy
between to points in space for megapower applications.
     In general, these things have been with us, and known by people 
specializing in them for many years now.
     The very idea that Tesla, if his experiments were real, and not a 
fabrication or misunderstand or mistatement, is not generallly accepted
or applied science, and it is open to pursuit, and that is the challenge
that only his history has left us.
     Here is a possibility, that Tesla, in generating the extremely high
voltages, necessary for transmitting those bolts of lighting to discharge,
also pulsed them at some frequency that was conducive to the overcoming of
the medium of transmission (space radiation resistance). It is just a notion
I have, but to there is an optimum frequency for the transmission of waves
thru water, earth, etc., and perhaps space.
     Tesla had a limited knowledge of the frequency spectrum that we are
privlidged to have today, and he had no resources to generate hf, vhf, uhf
etc., so this notion if true, limits him to a very low frequency, that he
must have employed in his generator. It would be helpful for me to have
constructed, or understood the methods he used for the famous Tesla coil
or transformers.
    Well, lets see if we can communicate further. I dont know if this is
private mail, I am so unfamilar with email and this editor and elm, but
I can only hope that it is not being read worldwide. (: 
    Hey, thanks for the encouragement, if nothing further developes, you
made and old man feel young again. (:
    Have a nice day!

                                  a cyberspace-tesla-pal in Denver



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