Re: Tesla coils & artistic glass

> I applaud Mr. Stevens' interest in electromagnetics and in the study of 
> harmonic motion, which relates to frequency and wavelength.
 I appreciate you acknowledgement Bruce, but in all off my 64 years of 
experience, one of which was to obtain a ham license at the age of 16 (W0KOT)
, and an attempt at an elecrical engineering degree, in early years, I am
afraid my interest in science, was never matched by the mental horsepower to
understand and demonstrate its awesome possibilities. This is especially true
of maxwells ... and magnetic principals and the ensuing math. (:  I was 
always the dreamer, who could at least follow simple equations, construct the
proper length of antenna for transmission thru space to an operator on the
other side of the world, providing some one built my other equipment for me.
     O, that I could peer into the depths of understanding of my peers, who
like marconni, edison, maxwell, tesla, and be able to translate their visions
into my understanding. So many others have, but I was just unable. I really
believe there is an approach to magnetics which tesla demonstrated, but I can
not prove it, nor can I prove those experiments that he claimed that he done,
but only can I believe thru the eyes of faith. 
       Nice to talk to you Bruce, and have a nice day!

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