Re: Tesla coils & artistic glass

On Thu, 15 Sep 1994, Buster Stevens wrote:  
> I tried to find out ... the electrical size of the fields, and the 
> frequency that Tesla must have used to generate such a force to light 
> up a bank of light bulbs, miles away from the source. 
> I pursued the notion of what frequency and voltage is necessary to 
> transmit mega power thru the air. The voltage can be guessed at because he
> produced witnessed lightning over a known distance. It still remains a
> mystery to me at what frequency and the antenna dimensions to produce the
> proper magnetic or electical fields for transmission and reception.
>    I feel one only needs to experiment to obtain empirical data 
> adequated to construct practical equipment for commercial applications.

Antenna design, electromagnetic field shape, and the relationship of 
frequency and wavelength are, collectively, a consumingly interesting 
subject.  The ARRL publishes at least two quite wonderful books with good 
introductory and practical information on the subject:  "The Radio 
Amateur's Handbook" and "The ARRL Antenna Book".  In addition, there is a 
group of very nice people who have been experimenting with antenna design 
for many decades: ham radio operators.

Because of Mr. Stevens' high interest in this field and for many other 
beneficial reasons, I'd suggest becoming a radio amateur as a delightful 
and productive activity to lead into, and follow up on, second-quarter 
college physics, which deals with electromagnetics.

I applaud Mr. Stevens' interest in electromagnetics and in the study of 
harmonic motion, which relates to frequency and wavelength.

				Bruce Gold

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