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[TCML] Question on capacitance

Howdy... I have a sheet of old time copper clad fiberglass board 1/8"
thick. They used to etch whatever circuit design they want and it becomes a
circuit board. It's really strong and the copper on each side is at least
five or six thousandths thick. It is also a plate capacitor just as it is,
so I was bumping around with the idea of capping both ends of my secondary
with it...Then I thought what about cutting it at or around the desired
capacitance it actually needs as a top load--HV end of secondary soldered
to underside, and topside becomes the other leg of the capacitor. I realize
that a top load acts as part of the overall capacitor of the system which
includes the surrounding area in order to complete the circuit for the
secondary side. So what will having a disc composed of dual sheets of
copper with the same area, spaced 1/8"apart, do if it's a topload? Or I can
use it as the disk that junctions between top of coil form and inner part
of toroid with the HV wire soldered to disk with additional copper strip to
join both sides of the disk together electrically. Either way it's going to
be on both ends of the coil with epoxy and will also be used to support the
coil too.

What happens if there's capacitance between bottom of secondary and ground?

Pictured is a disk from that material. I soldered a thin copper sheet to
bridge both sides so they would be electrically common. Otherwise it will
be a capacitor and I don't know what the possibilities are so I'm tossing
it out there to see what other people think.

Have fun!
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