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[TCML] Re: inductors for DC charging

On 2/13/23 7:54 AM, Joshua Thomas wrote:
That sounds pretty neat, Jim. Do you have any links or sources? Thanks in
advance :)

On Mon, Feb 13, 2023 at 8:21 AM

archives search for GMHEICSLR


https://www.pupman.com/listarchives/2000/August/msg00281.html with the classic TC experimenter line: "I got maybe half a dozen
good hot 6" discharges from it before the coil died in a orange-ish
flash of light."

in the post after that one (you should definitely follow the threads), Sam Barros's website is different now:


This seems to be one of the less expensive versions of that coil on Amazon - TBH I don't know if it's hei - it's apparently for American Motors cars, but the form factor is right.


I'm sure you could find it cheaper on alibaba or something.

(ThunderSpark(r), how can you go wrong with a brand name like that)

https://www.truckid.com/1983-gmc-b-series-ignition-parts/walker-products-ignition-coil-4305475413.html seems to be similar (but out of stock)

Walker has a website, but not much technical data on the coils...

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