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[TCML] HV psu


   I’m interested in replicating David LaPoint’s ‘Primer Fusion’ project.

   This is my first plasma project. I have been working with high voltage
   impulses up to 7kV regularly, but am asking advice on the best way to
   build a psu providing ~500,000v.

   I plan to use a Cockroft Walton multiplier in 20-30kV steps, but need a
   psu to provide 20-30kv to the first stage.

   The main difficulty I’m having is that I want to be able to manipulate

   1 – Voltage 0-500Kv

   2 – Phase

   3 –  Polarity

   4 – Frequency

   5 – Duty (possibly)

   This would require amplifying the input signal without altering its

   It looks like ZVS into Flyback tx’rs will only work on specific
   frequencies, so could a NST work?

   I plan to use an existing system I have with dual channel signal
   generator to control freq, phase, and duty into dual gate drivers/HV
   Mosfets for impulses, but also require a continuous power feed as an

   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

   Many thanks,


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