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[TCML] Charles Pike's Tesla stuff

Dear TCML,

Charles Pike was a prolific coiler who I had met about 10 years ago.  I was
recently saddened to learn of his passing from his wife who is looking for
help disposing of his many coiling-related parts and projects.  There is
far too much stuff to consider eBay or shipping.  The important thing is to
have it go to a good home with a minimum of hassle.  Stuff is available for
pickup only in Lexington MA.  Requests to ship will be respectfully
ignored.  Short descriptions of available stuff is detailed below along
with a suggested no-quibble price of my choosing, a fraction of a realistic
eBay price.  The operational status of everything is unknown and this is
factored into the price.

A Zip file containing photos of available stuff can be downloaded at

If you are interested in any of this material and are able to pick up the
items in Lexington MA, please contact me OFF-LIST - glau1024@xxxxxxxxx -
and I will facilitate a meeting with Charles' wife for pick-up.

Mini-Brute Solid State TC, includes a commercial spun 19" x 3.75" toroid -
14 x 3.75" spun toroid - $25
SS coil with three Maxwell 37667 .03uf/35KV caps, 6"x24" spun toroid - $75
Short, squat SS coil with 18"x2" toroid - $50
150VAC/20A meter assembly - free
TDGC â?? 3KM 120V 3000VA Variac - $20
3PN1520 240V Variac - $20
HUGE 26 inch dia gazing ball, high-polish, probably Stainles Steel, not
certain, seamless, flawless, beautiful, you know you want this - free
120V-240V 3KVA step-up or down xfmr (heavy) on cart - free
LeCroy 9304A 4 channel digital scope.  This was found plugged in on the
garage workbench, very clean, so recently used, but for the life of me I
was unable to locate the power switch in the limited time I had to verify
that it powers up.  - $10
Switchable array of 31 doorknob caps, 30KV 3600PF. Dielectric & mfgr
unknown.  Someone say Marx Generator?  $20
SS coil in wooden box, 8" x 2.5" spun toroid, no idea what is in box - $10
Two nearly full spools of magnet wire, look to be roughly 20-23 AWG - $10-
Unfinished IGBT assy, massive heat sink with two CM300DY-24H IGBT's - $20
6" PVC pipe, one with windings, one long segment unwound - free