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[TCML] Tesla Coil equipment up for Adoption

Hey All,

Some time last year I had offered up some heavy duty Tesla Coil equipment
to be adopted and loved. Well, the adopters of the equipment had a change
of mind and the equipment wasnt adopted.
Since then, things have occurred and the wifey is ready to trash it all. I
dont have the endurance, strength, or finances to rebuild the Coil and I
REALLLY dont want to see the equipment become landfill fodder.

So, what is sitting in the hurricane damaged shed you ask??
Hi Volt supply 2 @ 14.4 KV polepigs in series @ 0-260VAC input with  "0" to
28.8 KV AC output.
A semi-adjustable inductor rated at 60ish amps.
A 120VAC driven sparkgap with tungsten tips on a blue phenolic disc.
4 caps at 125KV at about ,01 uf (IIRC) Maxwells.
All of this is in a roll around cabinet with a 14 turn 3/8" copper tubing
primary on top of the case. A 12"X56" toroid ( al tube and al tape)..

The power control case ( on rollers) has 4 1256D variacs in parallel series
for 0-260VAC at 60A capacity. also in the case is a huge bank of
electrolytic caps for DC useage on a laser system. It also has a secondary
variac for magnet control for laser, a huge full wave rectifier, various
volt/amp meters and switches for coil or laser operations.

Also available are a couple of rolls of secondary wire 22 and 18 gage.
Some misc goodies include the start of a SSTC of heat sinks caps IGBTs...
basically a treasure trove of hi power Tesla goodies and misc hi volt hi
power stuff for experimenting...  Theres probably about several thousand
dollars worth of stuff... just the variacs alone new are worth 10K$ but
since they are used still worth 2K$

A WARNING..  its all stored in a hurricane damaged shop, its going to
require work moving stuff around to get to it. I will supply pictures if
you wish to see whats involved. Its being offered to a good "family" to be
loved and cared for. You will most likely need a trailer or a decent truck
to get this home, its heavy, and a bit bulky to be fit into a small/med
van. There is also a bunch of other hi volt hi power "stuff" available...

Also, if anyone is interested, there is a 6' long Trymedyne argon laser
rated for 18 - 25 W with ( last time used it was working) 208 3 phase power
supply and an almost complete power supply for parts.

And its all for FREE, come and get it, and please serious replies only.
All of this is in the New Orleans La. area. Id like to make this a first
come first serve basis, but if there is a better way let me know...
contact me at


dont let the wifey win this battle, come save this awesome stuff..  :)

Scot D