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[TCML] [Draft] ADMIN: Your TCML subscription, please read


This is the only mailing from the Tesla Coil Mailing List that you will receive unless you take action.

Please read this email for instructions if you are interested in receiving postings from TCML.

Your account was suspended due to bounced messages. They bounced due to pupman.com being block-listed, your mail box filling, or any number of reasons.

I have moved to a new list server that should have a better reputation and therefore lower risk of block listing.

If you do NOT wish to receive any more postings, no action is required.

If you DO wish to receive TCML postings, you must take one of the following steps:

1) Contact me, the list owner, chip@xxxxxxxxxx. Let me know if you wish to resume your TCML subscription and I'll enable delivery.

2) Visit the web page, https://tcml.pupman.com, sign up and manage your subscription.

Thanks for your attention.
Chip Atkinson
TCML owner
Tesla mailing list -- tcml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To unsubscribe send an email to tcml-leave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx