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[TCML] ADMIN: Ready for cut over?

Hi Gary, Jim, & Dave,

How are things going? It seems like the list is pretty quiet now. I think I have enough of a handle on things to cut over to the new server.

Here are the next steps as I know:
("subscribeds" are email addresses that are unsubscribed)
1) Compose email to those who are unsubscribed, send to moderators for proofing.
2) When email to unsubscribeds is ready, subscribe all unsubscribeds
2a) Send email to unsubscribeds
3) Re-unsubscribe (remove?) unsubscribeds
4) Subscribe all who are subscribed
4a) Set subscription notification to 'on'
5) Disconnect tcml on tedward.pupman.com
6) Send welcome email to list members
12) Put out any fires. :-)

Any other things you can think of?

I'm going to put together the email in step 1, send it to you guys to look over and probably tomorrow evening light the fuse.

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