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[TCML] T-Coil Stuff Give-a-way

Hey All,

Scot D here ( aka Bunnykiller), its been about 15 yrs since I have had the
opportunity to actively use my T-Coil. Unfortunately I have been hit with
skin, lung, and bone cancer... I wont be messing around with my coil stuff
any time soon. When the time comes for me to "no longer be", my wife will
have the shed emptied and all contents thrown away. Im offering someone or
everyone the opportunity to scoop up on some hi power heavy duty equipment
for free ( Id rather see some one use this stuff instead of being thrown
away). here is a list of stuff that I can remember that in the workshop. (
chemo has my memory shot)

2 roll around cabinets holding the equipment
polepig 28,800 V ( 2 14.4s seriesed/paralleled )
4 pack of 1256D and balancing inductors ( 280VAC 60A capacity)
several caps 25-50KV Maxwells
3/8" copper tube conical and flat primary 14 turns
huge inductor for current limiting presently set at 60A 280VAC
huge bank of electrolytics and diodes for DC volts up to 320V
rotary sparkgap
and a buttload of misc hi volt peicesparts

other things of interest
18W Argon laser Trymdyne its huge and HEAVY!
1 working power supply ( was working  in 2004)
1 laser power supply for parts
1 manual for laser
this thing runs on 208 3 phase

misc rolls of secondary coil wire
and more misc hi volt stuff

as I said its free, just come to Kenner La ( New Orleans) with a large enuf
vehicle to bring it back home
I would say theres about 2 - 3 full sized pick up truck beds worth of
items...   come get this stuff and let it do its wonders, dont let the
wifey throw it away...

if you are interested contact me @  1stbunnykiller@xxxxxxxxx

Scot D  ( aka BK or Bunnykiller)
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