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Re: [TCML] Maxwell .02uf/45kv cap

On 2/28/21 5:24 PM, Gary Lau wrote:
Bert Hickman sent a post responding to the question about whether a bulge
on a Maxwell cap is a certain bad-thing.  As one of the TCML mod's I'm
privy to the submitted post, and there appears to be some mystery as to why
his post was not sent to the List.  I can assure you it will be sent and
there are no shenanigans here ;-)

I have lowered the starting bid to $10.  I purchased a lot of six of these
Maxwells about 10 years ago, using some and selling the others. There have
been no complaints.


Yeah, I got the notification email from the mod list - but it never went through?

We're checking.

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