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Mr. Fox,

The question posed was why does an extra coil appear to be working when it is not even connected. My response covered the fact that many coilers use the Tesla Coil for show and tell, but don't actually tell audiences how the induction coil system really works. All TCBA members (for the past 40 years) back to Harry Goldman's first builder publication have been working to show the history and significance of the engineering design at work here. Yes, we display lots of arcs and sparks, but if that is your limit of expression, then you have missed the glory of Tesla's work. Have you illuminated lights 50 feet from your coil? Do you demonstrate the spinning egg? Have you shown STEM students that burned out fluorescent lights glow near a Tesla coil. There are thousands of Tesla "shows" that most people miss, and are doing a sad dis-service to upcoming student scientists. Do as Tesla did, turn down the lights, enlarge the top dome to suppress the arcs, then see the world really light up!

Thank you.

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Dear Sir,

You are absolutely right!  Tesla coil sparks are merely theatrics & that‘s why 95% of us coilers build them - to see how long of sparks we can make.

We’re not focused at all on Tesla’s researches in wireless power transmission & if you don’t already know, that’s not a subject for discussion in this forum.

Best regards,

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> SORRY, but Sparks from a Tesla Coil are all theatrics from Hollywood. Your
> system has failed. An ideal Tesla
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