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Dan, I do not understand why people come out of the woodwork to not answer the question at hand, but rather just nitpick specific word usage. The tesla transformer just needs to use resonance to get a voltage gain. No one actually cares what you do with that voltage once you've got it and I think many here will agree. Anyway, Bipolar coils are cool. I dont know why your coils behave this way. If anything id expect that unused primary to sap energy out of the system. I wonder if the little extra inductance of the ground wire from the driven coil to the other coil made that coil be just a tad more in-tune than the other one. Hence all the energy was dissipated in the sparks on that one.  But it doesn't make much sense as you'd think it would try and reach out to the other coil at lest. What happens if you set a ground near the non-arcing one? Also,  If you dont want to deal with an rf ground. Make a counterpoise. Basically a large chunk of metal you connect to the ground terminal of the secondary. Look up that term in the archives for me info. People have use some length of aluminium foil. I used chicken wire before. Many ways to do it. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: hooverrl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Date: 8/18/21  6:50 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: daniel_kline7657@xxxxxxxxx, tcml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cc: "Dick Hoover (Email)" <hooverrl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [TCML] Re: Question about unexpected effect SORRY, but Sparks from a Tesla Coil are all theatrics from Hollywood. Yoursystem has failed. An ideal Tesla Coil emits no visible discharge as that istotally Watts loss into the air. Properly sized, the top dome or ringsuppresses unwanted discharges; Therefore, all power is transmitted from theun-grounded end of the transmitting secondary.With ideal coupling, your energized coil will transmit to any nearby tunedcoils that are grounded, but have no primaries. They are called extra coilsas demonstrated in the book of Tesla's Colorado Springs notes.  Please referto the dome on the World Transmitting Tower pictures of the stationpreviously at Wardenclyffe, NY. It was designed to have no ionizationvisible at the dome.The extra coils receive lots of power. But if you create a defect on thetransmitting coil's top corona ring or dome, you will experience a dramaticreduction of power received in the remote extra coils. One form of defect iswhen someone places a protruding wire or rod on the corona ring and forcesthe uniform field to become a point discharge... it looks great to viewers,but kills the output transmitted to extra coils.-----Original Message-----From: daniel_kline7657@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:daniel_kline7657@xxxxxxxxx] Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2021 1:42 PMTo: tcml@tcml.pupman.comSubject: [TCML] Question about unexpected effectHello All,I have a question about an unexpected effect I got from a Teslacoil. The other day, I set up a couple of "identical" coils in a twinconfiguration, where the spark gap and cap bank were between the two coilsand their secondaries were grounded to each other. I didn't use any otherground except the house ground on the neon transformer. The secondaries wereonly grounded to each other. I did that to see if I could set up two coilsand not have to use an rf ground. That configuration worked well, noproblems.Then, I wondered if I could set up one of the coils normally in asingle-coil configuration, but still use the other coil's secondary asground for the coil I wanted to run. If that worked, that would allow me torun a single coil without a dedicated rf ground.When I tried to run the single coil that way, I got nothing from that coil,but I got normal arcing out of the coil I was using as ground! I don'tunderstand this. The primary of that coil was completely disconnected andwasn't in the circuit all. How could I get arcs out of the coil I was usingas ground? Because it wasn't really ground and that's where all the energywas going? Why didn't I get anything out of the single-coil?Any insights will be appreciated.Thanks,Dan K._______________________________________________Tesla mailing list -- tcml@tcml.pupman.comTo unsubscribe send an email to tcml-leave@tcml.pupman.com_______________________________________________Tesla mailing list -- tcml@tcml.pupman.comTo unsubscribe send an email to tcml-leave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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