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On 8/8/21 5:59 PM, jhowson4 wrote:
Ok,Im thinking Bert is correct. I was infact able to power on at 120v. I'm curious now if I can power it up at 208 (ie the line to neutral voltage in a 240Y system) kind of odd to have a part number implying 120 operation, but a label implying 240v operation.I think ill call the company and ask for more info. Note: after peaking under the hood,this variac has no additional taps.The name plate is obvious,Simple diagram,  3 screw lugs.1 wired to the beginning of the coil2 is the wiper3 is wired at about 75% of the coil1 and 3 are connected to the strange little transformer cores, which arnt paralleling chokes (no interconnection to the other cores) I'll update again with any useful info I may find. -JaySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

208/120Y has 208 between phases and 120 line/neutral.
240 delta has 138 line to neutral

240Y would be very unusual

480/277Y is pretty common 480 phase to phase, 277 phase to neutral
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