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Re: [TCML] Interesting historical rotary spark gap transmitter transformer.

Hi BrianB,

Oh...I am not going to bother the woman who currently owns this. She fairly
recently has purchased completely a huge private museum collection. She has
been listing quite a bit from this. All out of my league...cost wise. And a
large majority out of my realm of interests. But still watching a few
things from her for "fun". There is a fairly large old rare mercury
rectifier currently listed, which looks to be the lower voltage/high
current type. Would love to see the arcs then glow of this! :^)
She also looks to be involved studio audio work. While just googling the
collection she bought out of curiosity, I came across a quick YouTube video
she posted about the purchase. YouTube the of course then give all kinds of
suggested videos to watch from her or about her. I have not watched
anything else...not really my kind of interests...but she looks to be a
pretty busy person.
In reality I am never going to purchase this interesting transformer, so I
will not bother her. We are all different and anyways again out of my

Just trying to satisfy my curiosities and understanding of how some things

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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