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[TCML] Interesting historical rotary spark gap transmitter transformer.

Hi all,

I thought I would share this unusual and historic transformer from "1917"
that I came across on eBay recently.


I will admit, I am not so big on the hefty price, but it is interesting in
it's design. Also looks in great condition.

I find the lever control interesting for some kind of movable shunt. I am
not sure what is completely all moving there. Can only see so much looking
at all pictures, which are all pretty decent.
And I will admit, overall, puzzled on some other things.
Nameplate unfortunately does not give output voltage, but I am assuming it
is up there quite a bit, looking at secondary.
Looks to be a fairly heavy fella also.
Do not know the dimensions, none listed, but looks fairly big compared to
the nameplate.

Anyways, I hope some others here find this interesting as I did. For me, I
had not seen this design until now.
And maybe some others have some further comments possibly.

Well...I was just about to send this in... decided to search a little
some...got a few things I was wondering about.



Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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