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Re: [TCML] Interesting historical rotary spark gap transmitter transformer.

Hi Teslalabor,

"Looks like filament transformer. No high voltage."

I agree that it does. I have seen these types of filament transformers for
very high voltage vacuum tube diode rectifiers. They have special extra
high voltage insulation on the low voltage filament secondary. They also
have a lot of "wide open" space around this. Definitely very similar

This spark gap transformer from "1917", possibly also the early 1920's, is
definitely a high voltage secondary. I was a bit surprised looking at the
Google link of the old advertisement, after I zoomed in, that it is higher
than I thought it would be approximately. Did not expect it to be 25KV.

The date range of this transformer preceded vacuum tubes that could handle
a lot more power. I am no expert on tube history, but I read on this off
and on out of interest and curiosity. Just read the other night, that the
first practical vacuum tube amplifier circuit was not patented until 1918
by Fritz Lowenstein, if I remember correctly. Some here, may recognize that
name... :^) Early tube history and circuits is definitely a lot to take in
and confusing too! I have to "bounce back and forth" and re-read things
referenced earlier as I read on going forward.

I will admit...
I would love to have it...
But not at that price...

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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