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Re: [TCML] Custom GU-81M Vacuum Tube Socket

Hi Matt, the first one, with the Russian tube :-)

Been busy lately and I have not even been lurking much here, but catching
up tonight. Also I can see it has been kinda of quiet on the list overall.

So I just wanted to say nice looking work for a solution.

So a few comments now.

I had to go online and look at some specs of the tube and also look at the
original socket. I knew they are kinda of strange and I forgot how odd they
really are...and why for the cut out. The big glass slot on the tube.

I see that it has a 126W filament.
Just as a note, my 304's are a 125W filament.

I know you already are considering a thicker PCB. If you do, since there is
not much room for a wider trace, because of the final blade terminal
connections, you may want to double side the traces of the
filaments/cathode because of the current requirements.

But what you have currently, may be just fine, just a slight concern.

That said also, I am a bit concerned about all the final blade connections
and the closeness of them.

Again could be fine, but again a bit concerned.

Also looking at your pictures, you said your slightly embarrassed about
your solder "blobs". Not completely a bad thing here. I personally think a
healthy amount of solder on both sides of the board is a good thing. Of
course not big overly rounded blobs, but plenty of solder "coverage".

I see this has been posted for a while and no real responses yet.

I would like to hear some others chime in on all these things I mentioned.
Would be interested in their opinions and I don't mind if I am wrong on
some things.

Chris Reeland
Ladd, Illinois, USA

Sent from my LG V20
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