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[TCML] Upcoming demos of the new 40ft coil

Hi All,

Through an odd confluence of events I've been invited to demo the new coil at two locations, in the vast unknown territory east of the Rockies!

The first demo will be on Tesla's birthday, July 13th, at the Wardenclyffe site on Long Island in New York. The Tesla Science Center [ https://teslasciencecenter.org/ ] will be hosting this event. Unfortunately this event isn't open to the public... However I can get a handful of passes. If you live in the Wardenclyffe area ping me offline [before July 5th] if you'd like one!

The second demo will be on July 20th, at the Clinton Center in Little Rock, AR. The Museum of Discovery [ https://museumofdiscovery.org/ ] will be hosting this event. This event is free, and open to the public. Here's more info for the Little Rock demo:


If you???re considering a long trek for either event, keep in mind that the new 240kW coil is highly experimental in nature. And we???re all too familiar with the attitude that experimental devices can present!

I plan to bring some wireless power items to demo, such as the 'Tesla Roadster', a one-seat wireless-powered vehicle.

Also, if there's some particular demo you'd like to see a 240kW coil attempt, let me know. [And no, the coil isn't configured for music.]

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