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[TCML] Starting into SSTC territory

So, I'm taking my first step into solid state designs. My first coil is to
be a clone of Steve Wards SSTC5. A question directly related to his design.
It's a 4.5"x10" secondary using 30awg. No other stats. Using JavaTC, the
difference in turns from single build and double build wire is a hell of a
difference. Is anyone familiar with this design?
Now for a more generic question. Is the circuitry more or less universal?
To an extent I mean, but if I want to tinker with different secondary sizes
and frequencies, would I only need to adjust the primary? Im more or less a
novice to circuitry. I've tinkered with an Arduino and made circuits from
there, and have a basic understanding, but this will be by far the most
complicated project I've tackled.

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