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Re: [TCML] Fairly big changes to my little 304 VTTC

Hi Steve and all again,

I want to share an in-between picture I took, when this was very ugly,
before it got clean and nice.


This was to do a bit of initial test running, to see if it would even work.
I was also, still at the time stumped in how I was going to do the self
supporting primary, nice and clean. This cap setup was temporary also,
until I could aquire some more "friendly" sized micas that I needed. Would
have liked to do in one fixed cap, but hard to find what I needed, but
happy with what I did with the three micas currently used. The feedback
winding was the same as before initially and had poor and weird control.
Not unexpected here. Once I figured out how to suspend the primary, next
was figuring out a new feedback. Took about three different designs/tries
before I got what I was visually happy with, and easy to change turns if
needed. And of course getting the control that I wanted. It was very poor
on the first two tries.
Did anyone notice, that what I did for the feedback finally is a bit
unusual itself?

More coming this weekend.

Chris Reeland
Ladd, Illinois, USA

Sent from my LG V20
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