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Re: [TCML] Fairly big changes to my little 304 VTTC

Hi Chris,

Great looking primary. Several thoughts as follows.

1. Bare copper tubing certainly makes tapping easy although I know you use an adjustable cap instead.
2. Due to skin effect, this is certainly a more efficient use of copper than solid wire. Solid wire of that gauge would be unwieldy, so you get the benefit of lower resistance without the large gauge solid wire.
3. I don't see a coil form so I assume it is just self-suspending in the air. Is there a concern with arcing from primary to secondary near the top of the coil?

We certainly use copper tubing for spark gap coils for all of the listed reasons so it may be good for a VTTC also if you can manage the arcing between primary and secondary.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Hi all,

I have mentioned in a different post about some changes, so here is a bit
more on it.

I have fairly recently decided to make some big changes to the primary
setup, on my little VTTC, even though it was running very well. I have been
very curious to try something like this for quite some time now on a tube
coil and see if I can improve efficiency even more by going a somewhat
uncommon route for a tube coil. Most things I have read in different books,
advises against this. So I have never done this before myself. After
reading this and what I have observed online on other built VTTC's, I have
always stayed the traditional setup also. But I have always wondered. I
have attached a link of a few before and after pictures of the switch to a
now 1/4" tubing primary at a low inductance and high capacitance tank. I
also decided to do a uncommon support for the primary, because of the small
size of this, I can get away in doing this. And well, I think it also gives
a neat naked look, when it comes to most tube coils. But I also feel has
some benefits here.

Currently very pleased with the results and have exceeded my expectations.
Still tweaking some small things here.

I will be posting some numbers of values and running numbers of performance
eventually. Currently retesting all tubes in this new setup. Will post some
running pictures also and maybe some video of the great results of when I
do take them.
Have not taken any yet.

Curious if a few others have tried this and if they were successful.


Chris Reeland
Ladd, Illinois, USA

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