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[TCML] "2" "Barn Fresh" VTTC's

Hi all,

I thought some may find this somewhat interesting and a shame. And well,
entertaining also.

Found this listing a few days ago.


Starting bid at just 35k+!!!

Some quotes in description:

"these are antique glass tube type Tesla coils selling at a very cheap

"$500 non refundable deposit due at close remainder paid in cash upon pick

I think the seller thinks that they have found "California VTTC Gold".  And
even at that they will let it go, as they said "cheap"!!!???  I suppose
also that the seller is making some kind of quack medical device claims
mentioning a couple of names, I am not going to research those names, but I
am sure that is what they are going for. And of course, the few photos are
not that great.

Okay, being serious now, it is unfortunate that this has been forgotten and
stored poorly. Gotten wet and/or very damp storage conditions. A shame.
Construction by whoever did this was pretty good. Overkill, actually
looking at some of the transformer sizes, in relation to the tubes used,
and the power they can handle. There is actually only one coil form setup
and 2 "units". Coil form shared with both units? Or other form is lost? The
pair of tubes in one unit is some "later" 811A's. The other pair are
4-125A's. So nothing real large power wise in the tubes.

So how old this is subjective, it is older, but in my eyes not extremely
old to be an antique.
The poor storage conditions has made it "age" more than it is.  Even if
seller ever lowers price to real world value, it is mostly junk now because
of corrosion. Any unpotted transformer I would consider ruined. I am sure
some other parts too far gone also.

So I wanted to share this "find".
Always interesting to look at other older coils. There is some interesting
things going on here on these "2", at least I thought so.

For me on my current 304 VTTC, fairly recently, I have made some fairly
extreme changes to it. Still getting the tuning optimized and doing a lot
of retesting of tubes again, little by little. I will eventually post some
results and pictures. So far the results have been greater than expected in
what I was trying for. Been working a lot at work, so I will get to this

Chris Reeland
Ladd, Illinois, USA

Sent from my LG V20
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