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An old video of my first little tesla coil. Ignition coil powered, 4 cm diameter secondary, 20 cm long with 0.25 mm enamel wire, 6-7 turns primary, 7 cm dia. sphere topload aluminium foil covered, 3.6 nF primary cap, 3-4 inches arcs. Many thanx go to Bert Hickman for help. It was a nice coil to play with. It is disabled now, but the secondary is used in one of my tiny VTTCs.



On Wed, 1/16/19, Gary Lau <glau1024@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Subject: [TCML] Let's Get Small
 To: "Tesla Coil Mailing List" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
 Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 3:08 AM
 With apologies to Steve Martin, I was hoping
 to inspire some discussion on
 the small end of the Tesla Coil
 spectrum.  Not to suggest it's easy but
 everyone knows if you throw 10KVA into
 a coil, you're eventually going to
 get some big sparks.  Not much has
 been shared about the other end of the
 Several years ago I threw together a
 palm-top sized coil powered by a yard
 sale bug zapper transformer.  Bug
 zapper transformers are built just like
 NST's, current limited but tiny. 
 Inspired by the recent Little Coil
 thread, I dusted it off and made some
 primary coil tweaks and adjustments,
 and finally got around to taking some
 pictures.  The performance is OK-ish,
 maybe 2" to a nearby screwdriver, but I
 was really hoping to get some
 similar sized sparks just wandering
 about the topload.  Yeah I have plans
 to tweak some more, although such a
 small 4-turn primary is difficult to
 adjust.  Looking for that round
 Well, I was hoping to hear other
 successes in the micro-sized league and
 what might be attainable.
 Pictures and a short video are at:
 Power source: 4.8kV/8.7mA Bug Zapper
 Transformer, modified to remove the
 potted built-in ceramic capacitor
 across the secondary.
 Primary C: .0094uF/8KV MMC (5x
 Primary L: Helical 4 turns PVC
 insulated 18AWG solid wire
 Secondary L: 0.84”D x 4.43”L x
 #38AWG – 3.37mH
 Top load: Pine disk, turned on drill
 press to form .75” x 3.4”
 pseudo-toroid, Al tape covered
 Spark gap: Single cylinder gap, .020”
 Performance: 2.25” to a screwdriver
 blade (very little tuning performed)
 Regards, Gary Lau
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