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[TCML] TC Max Spark Length & Output Voltage

Hello Everyone,

There has been much discussion over the decades about estimating maximum TC spark length & corresponding voltage... To my knowledge, much investigation has been done by our fellow members, John Freau (Length= 1.7 * SQRT(kVA in) & Greg Leyh V = 200 kV/m)... Thanks, guys!  But with the advent of so many different types of TC’s beyond the SGTC (e.g. Class E, DRSSTC, QRSSTC, SSTC, VTTC, etc.) these issues are getting much more complicated.  It would be very interesting, if those who are much more knowledgeable in this area than I, take a shot at tabulating field data & see if, from that data, some equations of approximation might be derived.  Assuming discharge is issuing from a breakout point on topload or pointed terminal.  For example, QRSSTC’s maintain the arc channel longer, time-wise, allowing the discharge to grow to 5 feet or so from a very short, squatty coil, but actual voltage as low as 75 kV (this from offline discussion with Bert Hickman)... Thanks, Bert!  What do you members have to say about this?



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