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Re: [TCML] Let's Get Small

Yep, it's me.
I still have all my TC and HV gear but rarely use them.

I was active from 2002 to 2011 when I stopped work on the old tesladownunder.com to upgrade it to a modern mobile friendly site. I have still not completed in the subsequent 8 years due to work pressures and illness last year. I can't publish it until it is ready to change over or I could lose my SEO rating on some of my most popular photos.

In the last 7 years I have published all my stuff to Google + so not really in the view of TCML or 4HV. It appealed more for the art, photography, humor, puzzles and gee whizz stuff.
There was a good following of 20,000 of varying engagement.
Unfortunately, after about 1000 posts of my new and old photos and projects, Google + is closing down. So I don't lose this stuff, I hope to migrate my stuff to another site - Wix.

Hence I am starting to have to get some interest and activity back.
Hopefully I might be back with a bigger, better website within 12 months.
I need to have a place for projects such as a green fire tornado on a gramophone which don't really fit here

I have dual DRSSTC's in cages with custom music which is safe indoors for small performances. I will do a separate post on this later.

Peter Terren

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Holy cow, Peter Terren! Have not seen your name in quite a while! I remember
getting pole pig advice from you as a kid! Wow that was a long time ago!
Still have that large red coil you roll out of your garage?

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