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I love it, nice work! I always knew it was possible to make a working Tesla coil from nothing but a microwave oven, I just never had the ambition to try it. The primary tank capacitor was the part that deterred me.

Matt, Fairlee VT

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I made a Tesla coil out of ONLY parts from a microwave oven, hotglue and 
Details here including photos:

"This Tesla coil is made only from parts from a single microwave oven.
It was part of a challenge to the 4HV community to see who could make one 
Here are the tech details. The microwave oven transformer supplies 2000VAC 
which is voltage doubled with the 140 nF capacitor and diode to around 
3,500VDC. The primary winding came from the 6Volt heater winding from the 
main transformer. The very fine Tesla coil secondary wire came from the fan 
motor windings and is supported by the triangular wheel platter support.
The spark gap was constructed from a stripped circuit board and some 
aluminium strips.
So what about the capacitors here? The tricky part was to open the original 
1uF oil filled capacitor and unroll windings then reconnect them to form a a 
140nf 3.5kV capacitor for the doubler and the main Tesla tank cap of 1nF at 
perhaps 10kV. Plus the original cardboard former was taken out washed and 
used as the secondary former.
It worked. The capacitors died fairly quickly but proof of principle was 
Even had some racing sparks._______________________________________________
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