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[TCML] My Small Tesla Coil, 120bps SRSG

Hello Everyone- With all this talk about small Tesla Coils I thought I would present my small coil. I wanted to build a small table top coil with high output and using as much stuff I all ready had on hand.
Spec. are as follows
Secondary -  1.5" dia x 7" lg wound with 36ga wire
Primary - 3.25" dia wound with 1/8 copper tubing two layer helix.
Cap - 8 Cornell Dubilier 942's in series for .o188 uF.
Tesla symmetrical Equa drive configuration.
Top Load - two 8" frying pans put together face to face.
The Spark Gap - 120 breaks per second Syncronous rotary, propeller style using 1/8 tungsten welding electrode 3.5" lg the motor is a modified Harbor Freight mini grinder (less than $30) with two .5" wide flats milled into the rotor and locks nicely into 3600 rpm. the grinder stand was removed and the motor housing trimmed down and one end of the shaft was cut off. The flying electrode and the stationary electrodes were mounted in side a phenolic box to stop distracting noise and light. There is no phases controller, the motor is rotated until the it runs right and then locked down. The little SRSG is the heart of this coil and was a lot of fun to build and seems to work quite well. I originally built this coil with a two gap static gap and later built the Rotary. This little Sync Rotary really made a big difference in out put, once reconfigured for it.

Output --- 11"-12"

Oh and no variac was used in the making of this fill :)


Thanks Everyone
David Van Doren
Nokesville Virginia USA

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