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[TCML] Vacuum Tube Socket - Dimensioned Drawing or 3D Model?

Greetings, TCers,

As some of you may remember I am currently working on my very first VTTC, which is based around the GU-81M pentode. The issue I am currently facing is the price of the socket. I know that Tesla coiling on a budget is generally a poor idea, but I just know there's a better solution than spending $60 USD on just the socket. That's twice what I spent on the tube itself!

My idea is to design a PCB with fuse clips designed for 5mm glass fuses, and bring the connections out to the edge of the board. Unfortunately I have not been able to come across any accurate dimensions of where the studs/clips are located. I was wondering if any of you folks might have a dimensioned drawing or a 3D model (SolidWorks or STEP would be great) of either the GU-81 tube itself with accurate stud locations, or of the socket? The datasheet for the GU-81 does not seem to call out the actual stud locations.

Many thanks,
Matt, Fairlee VT
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