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Re: [TCML] New website

Thanks Bert, 

Initially I did a stupid connection to one of the logical ports on the VFD
unit, to be able to shut it off from my remote maneuver unit. That resulted
in frequent shut downs of the unit from RFI, but it was possible to reset
and restart it. I removed that function, but perhaps it would be possible
with to reintroduce it with a short connection to a relay in the control
cabinet, I believe it was the long cable that picked up RFI. 


But so far there has been no disturbances via the double shielded feed cable
to the motor. 



Stockholm, Sweden


Hi Jan,


Very nice, high-performing system! A shame about the low ceiling clearance -
have you ever thought about running it outside? 


Also, a special thanks for including construction details of your HV
transformer and ballast - lots of good information for other coilers. If you
get a chance, you might also want to include a schematic. 


Did you need to take any special precautions to protect your VFD from
electrical noise/transients? 




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