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Re: [TCML] High Voltage Capacitor Oil

On 3/28/19 12:06 PM, Paul McGlen wrote:
Hi All,
I recently acquired some Atomic Research Pulse Capacitors. They are 50kV
and 100nF, however, one of them was damaged and the oil has leaked out, so
I need to replace this. Does anyone know what this oil is and where I can
get it. If not can I replace it with high voltage transformer oil?

Unfortunately, you need to figure out what kind of oil it is. It could be any of the following likely candidates:
1) mineral oil (transformer oil)
2) Castor oil (used in Maxwell energy storage caps, it has higher epsilon than transformer oril)
3) some Askarel (PCB)

it could also be something else - lots of dielectrics have been used over the years. The first two will burn, the third won't.

The other challenge facing you is that filling the cap with oil is usually done with a vacuum pump to make sure there's no (microscopic) air bubbles in the oil, and as well, to insure that there's no water dissolved in the oil. Both of these lead to radically reduced dielectric breakdown voltage.

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