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Re: [TCML] triggered spark gaps

If you can pm me some pics of your mystery gaps,  I may have a datasheet. Maybe...
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On 9/18/18 6:31 PM, David Speck wrote:> Carl,> > Do you have any suggested circuits for triggering a field distortion > gap?  I scored some really big escapees from a certain Lxxx Govt lab via > an eBay seller who didn't know what they were. They have ~2" diameter > electrodes separated by about 4 " inside a foot long polycarbonate > cylinder.that's a huge gap distance> > The trigger electrode is a thin brass sheet with a coaxial circular hole > midway between the two electrodes.  There are brass fittings in each end > piece where some sort of gas was circulated through the units.> > Any idea of what gas they would have circulated through them, and at > what pressure?  I would guess dry N2 at one atmosphere.or SF6> > Dave> > You can probably find data sheets.Maxwell made/makes triggered gaps -Physics International also didEG&G/Perkin Elmer also didIt seems that Hofstra International picked up their product lines:I've got a couple that look a lot like this:https://hofstragroup.com/product/maxwell-physics-international-40280-triggered-spark-gap-switch-20-60-kv-50-ka/Plenty of app information:https://hofstragroup.com/assets/hofstragroup-triggered-spark-gap-data-sheet.pdf_______________________________________________Tesla mailing listTesla@tedward.pupman.comhttps://www.pupman.com/mailman/listinfo/tesla
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