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[TCML] Acrylic sheet for primary coil insulator

I am considering adding an acrylic sheet as a top cover for my primary coil to minimize primary strikes. I never would have considered such a thing because of the expense but I recently acquired a large sheet of 5/16" acrylic sheet for nothing, so that idea has now returned. My question concerns the strike rail. Should I install one with this cover or not? Here are my options as I see them:

1. No strike rail
2. Strike rail in the normal position on top of the acrylic sheet
3. Strike rail under the acrylic sheet

My concern with number 1 and 3 is that if a streamer finds its way around and under the acrylic sheet, the streamer may melt or burn a portion of the acrylic. I have heard of at least one coiler that has installed such an acrylic sheet and I recall that he placed the strike rail under the sheet. I forgot the link.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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