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[TCML] things for sale

Hi all

   I have some things I want to sell. all plus shipping

3 NST 12,000 30ma $20ea plus shipping

2 OBITS in there original box $10ea plus shipping

2 spun toroids  12in by 3in $75 plus shipping

10in by 2.5 in $30 plu shipping

powerstat S1144 7.5 amp variable $25 plus shipping

17 caps. .1 by 10,000 volts dc $8ea

18 caps .15 - 2000v

833 tube $50 suppose to be NOS when I got it

PL-5D22 tubes (4-250) NOS $30 boyh plus shipping

if any body in interested and need pictures please email me direct

at tesla.coils@xxxxxxxxx



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