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Re: [TCML] NetFlix N. Tesla Doc. [The new one]

> > Has anyone seen the new Doc. on Netflix about N. Tesla?
    Tesla, or versions of his story, are all over CATV.  Someone
    tried to get $250k for what they believed was one of
    Tesla's prototype motors, on Pawn Stars.  one set of
    8hows ran on DSC DEC>Jan.  Another is running now,
    10pm fridays, 'science' channel. (check local listings...
    8)>>).  I've been. studying Tesla for 60 odd years,
    and decline to fill this list with picking apart
    TV trivia.  It would be nice to have a good, accurate telling.  
    (who visited Foote & Kiowa before some of these folk
     were born)
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