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Re: [TCML] Fixing secondary strikes Re: Bad strike to a 12 inch traditional coil (somewhat terminal)

Hi Fuzzy,

I suppose that would be a valid way to have no open space where a streamer could ‘slip through’ to strike through the defense ‘shield’ of the primary coil. However, at least from my personal experience, I have found that the relative insignificant 1” to 1.5” open space (which is quite adequate to prevent a spark flashover, due to the relatively low potential that would be induced by a single turn between the open space) in the ~40” diameter ring of my big coil is quite moot as far as it allowing a ‘window’ for a steamer to slip through. Since it is tied directly to RF ground, I would have to assume that any rare ‘rogue’ streamer that happened to be taking aim toward this small gap would be much more likely to simply take a very slight veer toward either end of the grounded strike ring itself as opposed to ‘threading the needle’ through the gap to hit the primary coil. 

Besides all of that, someone? on this list has pointed out that since it is impossible for the secondary output streamers to have more available total energy than the processed current of the primary coil, a streamer strike to the primary would not damage and/or destroy components of the primary circuit that the primary currents have left unscathed. I’m not necessarily submitting to that line of reasoning on a personal level and won’t be taking out my primary strike ring anytime soon, but since this observation was submitted by someone likely much more knowledgeable than myself on this matter, I thought that I would throw it out there in light of this recent thread.


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> On Jul 8, 2018, at 8:30 PM, Reverend Fuzzy <pastor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey everyone... I was just dreaming about this open strike rail issue the
> other night, and saw that this might be able to be resolved with a SECOND
> open strike rail,  above (or below) the first one, each situated to where
> the open portion of each, is covered by the other.  Still no "shorted turn"
> syndrome, found in closed strike rails, and no more open space between the
> toroid and the primary, for a rogue streamer to slip by. 
> ... just a thought (the weirdest, and sometimes most useful ideas come to me
> in dreams).
> --
> Rev. Christopher "Fuzzy" Mayeux
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>> The strike rail must be open. If it is closed, it is a one turn short
>> circuit. In doing this, it will dampen the primary magnetic field
>> which in turn will reduce the output of the secondary.
>> The shorted turn will take the energy away from the primary,
>> This is like an induction heater where a few turn coil will induce a
>> large current in the object to be heated, IE a 1 turn coil. Lots of
>> current will flow thru the shorted turn.
>> It will also force a large current draw thru the primary but
>> typically in a spark gap coil, this cannot happen but it will try and
>> draw more current.
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