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Re: [TCML] 810 tube coil

Hi Dave,

I see the new link I posted works now...

I figured you have been busy on the coil.

I also look at all kinds of old books on radio transmitters and read
various old tube handbooks to gain more knowledge.

I think it is wise that you moved the feedback winding below the primary
winding, especially when used with a shorter larger diameter secondary. It
helps 2 ways, less likely to have to have arcs shorting between the
feedback and secondary. I have had this happen during tuning on coils in
the past. I have seen online elsewhere were others run into this also.
Causes carbon track burns in the primary form real fast!!! Not so good
either for the secondary especially if using fine wire!!! Then it moves the
primary winding up some, which for me has always improved the performance
on my coils.


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