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Re: [TCML] 810 tube coil

Hi Dave,

I am pretty positive I have figured out your poor performing coil.

You need to remove the microwave caps and the microwave diode from the MOT.
You need to take the Level Shifter off and run just the AC from the MOT.

And then tune in the coil for this of course...

Let me explain...

A few days ago I did an experiment on a very recently rebuilt coil, built
originally 30+ years ago. Never really worked at all after several tries by
my Dad and me. So I decided to dust it off and try again. Changed a lot of
things, not going into all details...but it is basically an old school very
tall skinny "candle stick" coil. Changed to 2 old 811 tubes with a MOT
using AC normally. And all Mica Caps. (Just a note, these tubes are 811's,
not 811A's. They are somewhat rare precursors. It is what I had on hand.
They are a little different.) Got it tunned up and running pretty good.
10.5" arcs. I'm very happy for a candle stick.

So I started to think about your 810 coil again. Realized finally that you
said your running a Level Shifter, but not Pulsing coil yet. This is the
problem. I watched your 2 videos again to verify. I do Pulse another coil
with LS.

I have never run a coil LS alone, so I decided to try on this coil with no
other changes at all.

VERY POOR. Milliamps climbed extremely fast as I was turning up the variac.
Got to max Ma. for 2- 811's very quickly with way less voltage than before.
Just 3-4" arcs now!!! Ran just like yours in the video!!! Everything
getting hot also!!! Could not run very long!!!

Thought about this some and realized why.

I'm going to put links of several pictures and a video.

Going to link a PDF also of a paper I drew up to explain what is going on,
with a few other thoughts also on it.

Picture of coil.


Running good picture and video.



Running poor picture.


PDF explaining why.



Some thoughts and/or corrections are welcome if I am wrong on any thoughts
on this.

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