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[TCML] FART Resinblock Transformer

So after trying to find NST's for a reasonable price I finally found one.
However it's nothing I am familiar with. It is rated at 9kV 50mA (50Hz 240V).
It is from the manufacturer FART, does anyone have experience with these types of transformers? Are they as good to use as any other NST?

With this change in plans my cap-value changed. Resonant value is 0.017684 uF.
Charts I have looked at all have a factor of 1,5 concerning LTR values. (This would give me 0.0265 uF) How would I go designing an MMC if I use the popular 0.15 uF 2kV Cornell Dubilier caps?
Or is it advisable to go with something else that can get closer to this value?
(Update: I have found some magnet wire. From the one I found I can in theory make 1217 turns. Is this good for a s.c with a diameter of 11,5 cm? with wire of 0,4 mm.)


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