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Re: [TCML] GE Pulse Cap

That GE capacitor, though bulky, seems to have the right specs for a SGTC especially if you use 120 PPS for your TC. I would use the 5 KVA pole pig. It will be the most rugged of all the transformers that you listed. You could actually run it at around 10 KVA with no problem. It would take a very long time to overheat even at 10 KVA. Be ready to build a suitable ballast for it.

There are application notes published by Maxwell (General Atomics) that show how the life time of pulse capacitors is affected by various parameters such as voltage. You should be able to find them with a Google search.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Hi all,
            With all this talk about pulse caps, I have a question.  I 
was recently given a GE pulse cap, Model 17L 9PH. Rated at .0438 uF @ 50 
KVDC, 180 PPS. This thing is big, 28" H x 8" W x 6" D and weighs in at 
49 lbs.  Do you guys think this cap would do well in a TC environment? 
Hate to build a coil around a certain cap values, but it's what I have. 
Also have 3 Maxwell caps, a 31976 and two 31393's. I don't think any of 
the maxwells have a pulse rate suitable for TC use. They just sit around 
gathering dust.  I have several transformers available:  5KVA 14.4 pole 
pig, 1.3 KVA 13,200 volt potential transformer, two identical 12 KV @ 60 
mA NST's and a 7.5 KV @ 120 mA NST.

          Anyone familiar with the GE cap?

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