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[TCML] GE Pulse Cap

Hi all,
With all this talk about pulse caps, I have a question. I was recently given a GE pulse cap, Model 17L 9PH. Rated at .0438 uF @ 50 KVDC, 180 PPS. This thing is big, 28" H x 8" W x 6" D and weighs in at 49 lbs. Do you guys think this cap would do well in a TC environment? Hate to build a coil around a certain cap values, but it's what I have. Also have 3 Maxwell caps, a 31976 and two 31393's. I don't think any of the maxwells have a pulse rate suitable for TC use. They just sit around gathering dust. I have several transformers available: 5KVA 14.4 pole pig, 1.3 KVA 13,200 volt potential transformer, two identical 12 KV @ 60 mA NST's and a 7.5 KV @ 120 mA NST.

         Anyone familiar with the GE cap?

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