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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Thanks BrianB,

I still feel myself, it is still a bit ugly :-( but works great :-)

That would be great if you do a VTTC. Kind of lonely here currently in this
realm... :-D

They are my favorite. I also just love the glow of a glass vacuum tube. And
"seeing" the friction of the electrons "hitting" the plate. And speaking of
"seeing", these 304's are unlike any tube that I have ever run before when
it comes to this...there are some really neat "patterns" that can be seen...

Now my next one waiting for Spring does look nice and I hope it stays that

Back to the working great part... I have gotten around to rolling all my
304 tubes on this improved setup yesterday (12/24). Ran each tube for just
a "quick" tuning for best streamer length, wrote down results, and then I
just "played" around with each tube trying different rates and changing
tuning settings. Spent from 3pm to 8:30pm rolling. Downtime switching tubes
was about 5 minutes each. Otherwise running non-stop. MOT handled this just
fine, only getting slightly hot at times, but cooled quickly on lower rates
and during tube switching. No more the scalding hot just touching it for a
split second checking it!!! The last time I did tube rolling on several
tubes, I had to let the MOT really cool down after each short run. Took
really long, for not really much true run time.

So here I will just list the results now:

Again this is just 10A variac using the 120V setting. And no PF caps, not
going to bother.

Eimac 304's

TL#1 got 31"@14.5A

This one is still the "swords" tube, easily tuned in for this.  And I can
now also tune for some other strange behavior. Still the only tube that I
can get perfect swords just one after another. Going to scope several
things on this tube when I get a chance, take pictures and notes and then
scope a "regular" tube and compare. I will admit I am still puzzled by this
one tube. Only one like it.

TL#2 got 32"@12A

TL#3 got 34"@14A

TL#4 got 33"@14A

TL#5 got 34"@12.5A

TL#6 got 33"@12A

TL#7 got 31"@12A

TL#8 got 34"@13A

T?#1 got 33"@14A

The reason for the question mark is the tube markings are completely gone,
not sure if a TL or TH.

TH#1 got 33"@13.5A

TH#2 got 33"@11.5A

TH#3 got 32"@13A

TH#4 got 33"@12.5A

Very pleased with these results and the efficiency here. Going to pick a
couple and do some really thorough experimenting and tuning when I get a

So this is all for now... Happy Holidays everyone...

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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